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Sea carriage of containerized cargo

Sea carriage of containerized cargo

Transportation of containerized cargoes is a dynamically growing segment encouraging development of trade relations between the continents. Unification of container types makes it possible to handle millions of containers per year in Russian ports while low cost of delivery and safety makes foreign trade operators choose containerized cargo transportation even in relations with European countries.

Containerized cargo transportation include:

  • containers delivery to the consignor’s warehouse;
  • sealing of stuffed containers;
  • execution of required shipping documents;
  • forwarding in ports and at the stations;
  • customs clearance;
  • “door-to-door” or “station-to-station” delivery of stuffed containers at the client’s option;
  • containers delivery to the consignee’s warehouse;
  • Informing the Client about container location;
  • cargoes insurance;

Arrangement of international sea carriage is one of the strongest points of our company. Feeling confident in the sphere of different delivery options in Russia, key strong and weak points of each of them as well as depending on current factors such as equipment availability (of sea containers) in different regions, current situation in ports and at railway stations we can safely say that we’ll choose the best method and route of delivery based on our Clients’ demands. Herewith having partnership relations with all key stakeholders in different points of entry to Russia our company can provide the best price or transit time on route and guarantee space on scheduled departing vessels.