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Air transportation

Air transportation

Today this method of delivery is preferred for reliability and speed which is especially important for urgent and unscheduled deliveries. Any large, medium-sized or small enterprises from time to time face the situations when the periods of delivery are critical. In these cases air transportation is indispensable solution. Cooperating with several airlines and having possibility to arrange delivery to Russian regional airports our Clients can rely on cargo receipt few days after its acceptance for transportation. Depending on cargo particulars our specialists will choose the best carrier, the most convenient route of delivery and arrange door-to-door delivery.

The main stages of air delivery are:

  • Route selection;
  • Space reservation on flight;
  • Cargo acceptance from the consignor;
  • Customs clearance for export;
  • Delivery to the airport of destination;
  • Import customs formalities;
  • Cargo delivery to the Consignee.