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Consolidated  cargoes from Europe

Consolidated cargoes from Europe

It is one of the most complicated fields in the modern logistics. Without streamlined business-processes and required planning it’s impossible to make delivery in time. Herewith it’s a great opportunity to reduce costs for logistics for middle-sized and small companies.

For small consignments such option is more favorable as the expenses for delivery are split among all the clients of the company.

For the purposes of well-coordinated work Freight Services cooperates directly with consolidation warehouses owners which not only reduces our clients’ expenses but also excludes loss or misrepresentation of important information and demands of our clients to the services in the process of consolidation.

Stages of arrangement of consolidated cargoes transportation:

First stage — cargo pick-up from the consignor in Europe.
Second stage — cargo consolidation at the warehouse in Europe.
Third stage — preparation for transportation to Russia.
Forth stage — preparation of documents for goods.
Fifth stage — delivery to destination.

Our company is interested in constant improvement of offered services for cargo transportation therefore it deliberately works to consolidate Consignees’ goods traffic in regions for the purposes of significant reduction of transit time down to transit time comparable to the time of delivery of FTL cargo. Consequently Freight Services provides our clients advantages in their competitive activity due to effective logistics.